Tashi Bista dreams to install a makeshift wind turbine in Namdok, a remote village nestled high amongst the Himalayas of Nepal. Battered by wind and cold, Namdok, has been in darkness for centuries.  Wearing Ray Bans to shield his eyes from the dust and just a leather jacket to insulate him from the bitter cold he surveys the village. Tashi Bista, the sturdiest activist in town provides a fresh perspective to alternative energy. He grew up in this region without electrical power. He is determined to bring lights to Namdok in an effort to prove himself to the skeptical village community. Tashi’s Turbine is a character driven film that shows the impact of one man’s dream for light, in a village waiting for development.

Namdok is located in the northern region of Upper Mustang, Nepal. This land was restricted to foreigners until the early 1990s. The remoteness of the region and the sustained neglect by the government has deprived the village communities with infrastructure necessities such as electrical power.

Tashi’s Turbine brings a beacon of hope to the village of Namdok. Tashi arrives during a pivotal moment in the lives of Pema Gurung, Chimi Lhamo, and Pemba Tashi. Pema is a young girl struggling to learn with limited schooling. Chimi is a widow with one son trying to maintain a house without the help of her husband. Pemba is a middle aged man building a stone wall around his shrinking family. Each family is in need of light, even if it starts with just one bulb.